Welcome to AeroMates

AeroMates is an MRO-shop located in Germany. We offer maintenance, repair and overhaul of wheels and non-destructive testing (NDT) of aircraft components. You have an aircraft that needs to fly in best condition? 



In our repair process, we check the basic functionality of the wheel and change the tire. Of course, as a Part-145-certified company, we also meet the requirements set for us in the area of documentation and certify the wheel with EASA Form 1.


During the overhaul process, we disassemble the wheel into all parts then paint, check, repaint and assemble it again. If necessary or on request, we also change the tire. Here we present the expertise of four different NDT test methods. We also certify the wheel with EASA Form 1.

Non-destructive testing

In non-destructive material testing, a wide variety of aviation components are tested for "cracks" of any kind. Our company can use four different methods for this crack test:

  • Eddy current testing (ET)
  • Magnetic particle liquid testing (MT)
  • Penetrant liquid testing (PT)
  • Ultrasonic testing (UT)

Our NDT examiners are certified and approved according to DIN-EN 4179. We are also able to issue an EASA Form 1 for all work carried out.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 07.30am - 07.30pm

Delivery times

Monday - Friday  07.00am - 04.00pm

Patrick Mohr | Chief Technology Officer

For over 12 years in the aviation industry, Patrick Mohr has acquired expertise and experience in a variety of areas. Such as in aircraft mechanics, shift management or aviation-specific ERP systems. His most recent position was Maintenance Manager at a medium-sized aerospace maintenance company.
At AeroMates, Patrick Mohr is both founder and Chief Technology Officer and therefore the contact person for all technical matters.

Stanislav Grytsenko | Chief Executive Officer

Stanislav Grytsenko began his career in the aerospace industry during his first academic career in 2011. Since then he has been responsible for implementing an aviation-specific ERP-system and for process optimization in base maintenance operations, holding the position of Commercial Hangar Manager. His expertise is completed with his position as Senior Consultant & Six Sigma + Lean Black Belt for large industrial companies, in the area of process optimization, lean management and executive coaching. Stanislav Grytsenko is both founder and Chief Executive Officer at AeroMates.